Thursday, May 19, 2011

Oral Argument in Block Case Today


Attorney General Gary King's office today in Albuquerque presented oral argument in the Jerome Block Jr. and Jerome Block Sr. case. The case is before the New Mexico Court of Appeals in what is believed to be the first criminal prosecution under the New Mexico Voter Action Act. The Brief in Chief was filed in June 2010. Today's proceeding was handled by Assistant Attorney General Andrew Montgomery, from our Criminal Appeals Division.

Other documents of interest posted here include the original indictments of Jerome Block Sr.; Jerome Block Jr.; and the state's reply brief.

No timeline was set by today's Court of Appeals Judges as to when they would come back with their decision.


A new "first" for the office; an emailed scam reported to us that involves someone posing as United States Attorney General Eric Holder.  The scammer claims that the email recipient has been accused of "money laundering and terrorist activities" and if they do not immediately pay a $170 for a "Clearance Certificate" they will be prosecuted.  This would be funny if it wasn't for the fact that it is likely some poor soul will eventually fall for it.  By the way, we alerted the local US Attorney's Office to the scam involving their boss's name.

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