Thursday, May 17, 2012

Unlimited Campaign Cash Breeds Corruption

Attorney General King is asking the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals to overturn the lower Court’s ruling that negated parts of New Mexico’s Campaign Report Act by declaring unconstitutional the sections that limited campaign contributions to independent expenditure committees.

Why?  Such committees' primary purpose is to influence elections.  Allowing unlimited amounts of cash to flow into New Mexico invites corruption and special interest manipulation of our elections. Unlimited cash contributions to political campaigns puts out the welcome mat for “Pay to Play” scandals...New Mexico can ill afford to have any more of this type of corruption.

The Attorney General has made contribution limits and full disclosure a cornerstone of his office's focus.  Not only is the sovereignty of New Mexico elections threatened with this ruling but our ability to ensure our elected offices are not for sale is jeopardized.

AG King will continue to press this issue in federal courts so that all New Mexicans can be assured that their elected officials answer solely to them.  Reasonable contribution limits for independent expenditure committees is a reasonable requirement.

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