Friday, April 13, 2012

It's NOT What's for Dinner

Horse meat for human consumption? The idea is repugnant to every individual I have spoken to in the last few days, not one person could even fathom the prospect. Yet, a meat company in Roswell has applied to the U.S.D.A. for a permit to begin slaughtering horses, ostensibly in hopes of expanding their business.

Attorney General King is strongly against the plan to begin butchering horses. The latest news about horses in New Mexico comes on the heels of other negative accounts about the state's horse racing industry and a horse auction facility where some horses were found to be horribly suffering from injury and malnutrition.

News of the horse slaughtering plan spread rapidly throughout New Mexico and today is a national story. Please follow the link below.

1 comment:

  1. Why not? It should be an option. Please drop your opposion to the horse slaughterhouse. Horsemeat is nutrious protein, or so I must surmise from our allies the French. We need choices for America's overabundance of horses and a solution in America to America's problem is only fair and more humane than trucking several hundred miles to Canada or Mexico.
    I support more horse slaughterhouses accross America, wherever there is a need and demand. Create jobs here, feed our hungry here. America's horse discussion is tainted by emotions and inaccruacies and costs this country millions every year in tax dollars. Please stop the hysteria and allow this legal business to operate.
    A realistic discussion of America's horse problem and what it costs us all.
    I support the horse slaughterhouse.
    Thank You,
    Howard B.
    Bloomfield; member Audubon, NWF, Nature Conservancy and many other real conservation groups.