Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Some important news from recent days to report on several fronts. First, Attorney General King was successful in obtaining a district court ruling that allows him to move ahead in the Vanderbilt Capital investment case.
NR_SIC_Case_7_28_11 (1)
Secondly, the NM Court of Appeals reversed a state district judge’s dismissal order and reinstated charges against PRC member Jerome Block Jr. and his father.
Jerome D. Block

Next, federal indictments were returned against defendants in the former Secretary of State’s Office Help America Vote Act (HAVA) funds case. Two of the co-defendants in the state’s corruption case involving the same pot of money were indicted on additional federal charges. AG King’s prosecutors were originally handling the state’s case until District Judge Pat Murdoch removed the Attorney General because of what he believed were “shadows” cast over the case. Judge Murdoch, however, specifically noted in his ruling that, “I see no wrongdoing on the part of the office of Attorney General...I don’t see the prosecution coming from a vindictive place...I don’t see it being created by political agenda...”

Additionally, the state’s corruption case against Rebecca-Vigil Giron, et al., is now being handled by Special Prosecutor Joseph CampBell, appointed by Second Judicial District Attorney Kari Brandenburg.

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