Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What Really Stinks

Opinions are like certain parts of the human anatomy, almost everybody has one. Unfortunately, certain opinions have been proffered about Attorney General King’s handling of several important legal cases that are so far off the mark that they must be addressed publicly.

The comments and criticisms of Gary King are not only based on obvious misinformation, but they are personal attacks on the character of the man. And yes, these lies are hurtful to me. Not just because I work for the Attorney General, but because I know the person he is and the real dedication he has for serving the people of New Mexico.

I made a living for many years making fun of and criticizing politicians, most of it was just for laughs. My personal guideline though, was to try hard not to attack a person’s character. Unfortunately, sometimes I went too far and immediately regretted what I said and I apologized. Some in today’s media are a different sort. Innuendo, outright lies, and personal or corporate agendas serve as “news” and “commentary.” Individuals are publicly sliced and diced and ripped apart as if the “commentary or opinion” were some sort of perverted macabre blood sport. There seems to be an increasingly pervasive media attitude that growls, “Yeah, we ripped him good! Who else can we shred?”   

Most politicians are used to that kind of treatment though, it comes with the territory. Why they subject themselves to it I will never truly understand. I know why Attorney General King does it though. He subscribes to the theory that one person, working hard and doing the right things, can make a positive difference in the lives of the people he serves.

The bottom line, AG King will publicly address his critics’ concerns very soon. He’ll talk about what really has happened in the Vigil-Giron case, including the truth about alleged conflicts; he will discuss the AGO’s involvement in the so-called whistleblower Foy case and alleged conflicts; and to the extent allowed, anything else anyone interested in the truth wants to know. I am curious to see if those with the loudest mouths about their own twisted perceptions will be interested in the rest of the story.  Details to follow.

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